Profile Pictures on Facebook and Validation

Posting Profile Pictures on Facebook is one of the scariest things a young adolescent may ever do. Slight exaggeration? Perhaps but very true nonetheless. 

Facebook seems to be the perfect platform for people with aesthetically pleasing faces to regularly update their profiles like qualifications on a CV. However for people like me – the ones who are less fortunate when it comes to being genetically gifted- uploading a photo can be a nerve wracking experience. Much like posting anything really. You see the thing is – Facebook has become or perhaps always was about likes. How many likes you can get on something is a representation of its worth. To the point that Me and many people I know may hesistate to post something in the fear that it won’t get any likes. Any recognition. Likes – i.e. acceptance from others gives people a sense of validation for what they have said. Without it – they might as well hadn’t said it at all – no one caring becomes equivalent to words not mattering.

*Classy segue to the subject of the post*

I am not the most photogenic person. And so until recently I’d had this moderately decent profile picture for about a year. In the time span of that year, on several occasions I’d wished to change this picture but felt as if I couldn’t for a few reasons:

1. First of all the reason why I wanted to change the picture was because I wasn’t really a fan of it and was tired of having it up there and it being visible to others.

2. But if I were to change it, I would need to replace it with another (preferably better) photo – which I did not have *cue low self-esteem and bad body image perception*

3. If I did end up changing the photo, it would show up on everyone’s news feed – having my (unflattering) face broadcasted on the screens of around a 100 people – is something I do not want. It’s really rather unfortunate that this is a feature of facebook because on other social platforms like any email account, Skype or Twitter I feel free to change my user image frequently because it doesn’t notify others when I do and a system of liking/commenting on these photos has not been established. 

Fortunately, this time ( a few days ago) when I changed my picture I saw myself not being so obsessed with how many likes it got or seeing who those people were. It’s all part of this very gradual movement where I learn to accept myself so that whether or not others do doesn’t determine my worth or my being.

Wow that got super cheesy so now I will distract you from any good points I might have made by making a (very bad) doge joke:

TLDR: Such picture. Much fear. Very posting. 

So facebook.


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